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Heirloom Oak Furniture

Solid Oak Chairs
Our hand-crafted Oak chairs are made from the finest red oak available. We handle all procedures in-house, assuring every aspect of our materials and craftsmanship is above and beyond your standards, along with our high set principle.
Our unique 1 ¼” inch thick butcher-block style seat insures that the seat will remain strong, and most importantly, flat for generations to come.

We utilize a low friction swivel in each and every chair we make. Not only does this add to the enjoyment and ease of using the chair, but also helps keep the chair strong by relieving stress inthe legs while moving on the seat.

Chairs are made available in:
                       -18” table height (with or without casters)
                       -24” counter height
                       -30” bar height
* The 24” & 30” chairs (stools) have a steam bent oak foot ring.
Because we believe in the true color and beauty of our material, we finish every item with a low luster, clear, catalyzed lacquer. Special colors can be ordered (with slight delay in delivery time).
Please take the time to view the photos of our chairs on our image gallery page.
Thank you.

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